Monday, October 19

I break... AN ELEPHANT

I spin round in the cafe, my bag lurches out from my side, and an elephant tumbles from its ledge to the floor. Elephants have four legs, but this one now has three. Under the stern gaze of elephant-loving tourists I crawl around on the floor looking for the missing elephant limb, knowing that I am a bad person: the elephant was for sale, with all monies going to the The Scottish Filipino Charity, which sponsors the education of children in the Philippines. I have butchered a child-educating charity elephant.

I realise I must buy this three-legged elephant or kiss my reputation goodbye. I 'fess up to a member of staff and buy the creature for £5. I take it home. I put it on a ledge of my own. I like it. I ponder whether to glue its leg back on.

The Scottish Filipino Charity is an organisation that supports underprivileged children in the Philippines. In November Elephant House owner David and staff member Jonny are doing a sponsored climb of three Philippine volcanoes, in aid of the charity. To sponsor them, or to break your own elephant and then pay for it, speak to anyone in the cafe, or check out More on this sponsored volcano climb soon...


2friendscooking said...

just wanted to tell you that my husband was so excieted to see that you have translated Belli into English.He is a perfectly bi-ligual Italian and loves reading Belli aloud..and now can do it in English too!He is also a blues musician..and who knows if that won't be Belli..ed one day.Thank you

Mike said...

Hello 2friendscooking, so pleased my translations of Belli are of interest to you and your husband. I checked out your website, your cooking lessons in Rome look fabulous. Thanks for putting my Belli book on your blog.